Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thirteen Pounds - Day 1

I've tried for four years since my son was born to lose 13 pounds. I'm 150, I want 137.  I don't need to look 20 again, I just don't want to look 4 months pregnant. Nothing else has worked, so I'm going to start being accountable to a computer and see if this works. 

Despite the Blog title I'm not a slave to a number...I've seen the light of the "eat healthy eating, choose a better lifestyle" mentality.  The only problem is I haven't seen ANY change.  Since August I have been working out consistently three times a week doing 1/2 hour weight training with a trainer and 1/2 hour of running, typically covering 2.5 to 3 mile distance.  This is a realistic plan for me.  As for eating, I think I eat healthy- perhaps that is where I'm falling short.  But my clothes are tighter since I started, and my weight is up 4 lbs, its frustrating.  I'm looking for a small change to encouragement me to continue and I'm getting nothing.

So first things first, lets write down today's food intake. 

Breafast: Egg White, Spinach and Feta on Whole Grain English Muffin  total calories about 300.  Conservatively 350

Lunch: Black Bean Soup from Panera and french bread roll with Diet Pepsi (yes, soda bad, white roll bad, but I'm eating 160 calorie soup, I want one diet soda - I'll work on cutting it out all together)  Total calories 260

Water intake:  not enough.  never enough.  i just don't like water.  So far 1.5 glasses.  Need to up it.

Exercise this morning:  Burned 250 calories running plus whatever 1/2 hour with the trainer burned.  Lets call it 450 total.

Now at the point of this blog post, I should be on the path of losing weight...but not so.  Perhaps I blow it out at night.  So lets just set dinner straight now -

Dinner:  Brown Rice, Peppers, Onions, Soy Sauce, chicken.  I'll check calorie content on the rice. Small portion...lets try to keep it to 500 calories, yes?  I'll report back tomorrow and let you know.

Okay, day one blog accounted for.